Made with students in mind!

Sling: College Life brings picture and video sharing to every campus across the nation. Sling: College Life allows students to anonymously share their best and most unique moments.

How to use Sling:

Sign up and select your college

Capture a photo or video

Upload and share your story anonymously


Many users and app review websites are seeing Sling as a college app for experiencing campus in unique and exciting manner. Take this… with Sling, you and your fellow classmates can share awesome adventures, creative artwork, poppin’ parties, that really awful picture you got of your best friend last night, cute animals, thought-provoking images… pretty much whatever your heart desires. No ones’ story is excluded! Be sure to always check out your college’s Sling feed, as well as any other universities that you’re interested in. The possibilities are limitless. Sling something cool, Sling something creative, and keep things interesting!

Sling features:

– Simple and easy to use

– Anonymous upload

– User accounts allow only .edu email holders to register. You are free from prying eyes.

– After 24hrs shared content is gone

– Possibility to share stories, photos and videos with your campus

– Follow Sling feeds from colleges all around the United States!

We have worked tirelessly on Sling and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do! We are always open to suggestions so please don’t hesitate to contact us through the app or this website!