we are proud of
what we have done
and curious of
what can be done

How we plan to give back

SPAEFS uses Sling – College Life as a way for college students to give back to their communities by simply doing what they do best… sharing photos with each other!*

The non-profit system is based off of a fairly simple structure plan:

1) At the beginning of each month, a poll will be opened under the non-profit section of the Sling – College Life app. The poll will list different charities identified by SPAEFS with a brief description of what each charity does for their community.

2) After reading about the charity options, the Sling community will be given the opportunity to cast a vote for that month’s sponsored non-profit. After the initial two week period of voting, the winner will be chosen and featured on the page with any information that the charity’s founders wish to include.

3) At the end of the month, the winning non-profit will receive 10% of our total iAd revenues for that month!

Rules for Sling sponsored non-profits are:

1) The sponsored non-profit must affiliated with your college or organization in some way shape or form.

2) We will not sponsor non-profits that have any history of discrimination or questionable use of donated funds.

3) You must be passionate about your cause!

If you have ideas for who we should identify as a potential Sling sponsored non-profits, please contact us through the website or the app!

*The non-profit feature is currently not available on the public version of Sling – College Life. It is still under development and will be out very soon – we promise! We’re very excited about it and just couldn’t wait to tell you!