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Not your run of the mill company.


A company created by college students, for college students. Check out the tabs at the top of the screen to learn more about us, our projects, job opportunities, and how we give back to our community. Then connect with us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the icons to the right.

Current Projects

You probably know us from our most prevalent project, Sling. Sling connects college students through anonymous photo sharing, by allowing users to submit and view pictures from their campus, and campuses all over the nation. Each month, we donate a portion of our profits to a charity, chosen by the Sling community. To learn more, check out the “Sling – College Life” tab above.

Our Value System

We believe that a company’s foundation can only be as strong as their value system. At SPAEFS, we hold strongly onto our core values of honesty, prosperity, and charity to ensure that we consistently add value to our community. To learn more about our values and mission, click the “About” tab above.


We are very interested in hearing your project ideas! If you have an idea that you would like to share with us, please contact us using the “Mail” icon located on the lower right side of the page!